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My golden future coaching

Moving through major milestones with a coach not only equips you with knowledge, but also the confidence and sounding board you need to take a fear not approach towards living your golden future.

for students

Eva’s passion and purpose in life is walking high school students and their families through every part of the college search process and transitioning into college life. Molly enjoys helping college students explore their passions, build their resume, conduct informational interviews, interview for their first job and make a successful transition into the world of work.

for professionals

Whether you are considering a change in your employer, industry or preparing for a promotion or retirement, having someone to coach you through these milestones is a must. Because of Molly’s neutral role, she dives deep with her coaching clients into the why’s, what if’s, and the why not’s of the exploration and preparation process that will make the most difficult decisions easier to make. 


Paddle Through It

Take your coaching experience outdoors! Kayak coaching available in Wilmington, NC and Pittsburgh, PA. 

begin your coaching journey today!

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