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About Us


  • BA Communication Studies & Psychology; Master of Science in Student Personnel Administration  

  • 20+ years of active involvement in the National Association of College Admission Counseling (NACAC)


  • 17 years as founder, CEO, and independent educational consultant of College Quest

  • 8 years as the director of college counseling at two highly selective private schools 

  • 7 years as an admissions & financial aid professional

about eva


Focus Areas

Eva Gelman is a distinguished speaker, workshop presenter, trainer, and facilitator. She consults with colleges and universities, public/private/charter schools, school districts, and other independent educational consultants on issues of admissions, academic advisement, and college guidance programs and services. She for her passion surrounding the college admissions process and her vast experience on both sides of the process. Her knowledge of both high school guidance and college Admissions/Financial Aid makes her uniquely qualified. Eva has enjoyed being self-employed for almost two decades with College Quest


A few of her most popular areas of focus are:

  • Reviewing applications and supplemental materials and helping prepare for interviews.

  • Saving time and improving the chances of getting accepted into the colleges of your choice. 

  • Offering an objective perspective as you finalize your choices. 

eva's services

  • Consultations—Zoom or by phone.

  • In person, virtual or hybrid presentations and workshops.

  • Previous clients range from Ivy League families to under-represented backgrounds, from conventional students to those with uncommon goals and talents.


Being the parent of a Junior student is stressful, especially when nothing you, as a parent say, is ever good enough or exactly right. Eva gave my daughter vision, encouragement and focus to help determine exactly what it was she was looking for in a college. In addition to being a listening ear, she guided my daughter in her college exploration and determined which colleges would be most compatible with her personality, student ability and individual goals. Her help was immeasurable and I would recommend her highly. My daughter has been accepted to her first choice college and I credit Eva for having the patience and experience I lacked as a first-time college parent. I can't thank her enough for your guidance.


University of Colorado, Boulder Honor's Program, Class of 2014

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