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connect with  my golden future

While the below steps lay out the suggested preparation process prior to scheduling your 30 minute consultation, we can also discuss options for individualized coaching services, speaking engagements, classes, adventures or ideas you might have.

step 1

Select your audience.

High School

  • Students

  • Parents & Caregivers

  • Teachers & Counselors

  • High School Administration

  • A Mix of Your Choice

College & University

  • Students

  • Faculty & Staff

  • Higher Education Administration

  • A Mix of Your Choice

step 2

Select your learning experience(s).

  • Art of One Word

  • Imperfectly Balanced

  • College Admissions Process

  • Career Development 

  • Adulting in the Workplace

  • Turnkey Solution

step 3

Select your format.

  • Virtual, In Person, or Hybrid

  • Entire class (up to 20)
    or individual student

  • Assembly, Inservice, Parent Night, or Conference

step 4

Select your level of impact.

  • 30-minute keynote

  • One 3-hour workshop

  • Three 50-minute learning experiences—in person, virtual or hybrid

  • A mix of classes and services throughout the quarter, semester, or year.

step 5

Select your preferred dates & budget.

  • Have a few dates in mind with an approximate budget

  • A minimum of 3-week notice preferred

step 6: Contact us!

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