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About my golden future

About my golden future

About my golden future

Molly Leese, CEO of Golden Age Leadership, believes we are to be students until the end. Those who walk in wisdom also know that knowledge needs tested and examined through the eyes and ears of experts. Because of this wisdom, Molly is making it easier for students, teachers, faculty, counselors, staff and administration in high schools and institutions of higher education to navigate and connect with trusted advisors and flourish through life’s many milestones. 

The Story of us

Molly and Eva met in their 20’s while serving in their respective College Admission roles. Molly was working at Chatham College and then Gettysburg College and Eva at Carnegie Mellon. While serving students was always front and center in both of their minds, Molly’s career veered off slightly to UNC Wilmington’s Office of Human Resources to prepare higher education professionals to create their best work-life and effectively communicate, practice self-care and lead teams in their respective departments.

Molly and Eva’s happily ever after story happened when Molly had the idea of being a one-stop shop for all major milestones in a young person’s life so they can have the best possible opportunities—in college, on the job, in the home and in their community. It then expanded to help all humans who find themselves in a teaching setting or organization—why not?

eva and molly 20's.jpg

Molly (left) and Eva (right) in Pittsburgh

our 5e promise

As a result, over your lifespan and being inclusive to all generations, we are here to...

  1. Educate you on the college search, application, and financial aid process. 

  2. Explore careers, curriculum, majors, and degrees.

  3. Ease you into crafting your resume and cover letter and prepare you for a job interview.

  4. Encourage and prepare you for entering college, the workforce, or a new leadership role; making a job change or retiring from your career. 

  5. Examine and grow your strengths to maximize your ability to build and maintain healthy relationships and live life on purpose.

Regardless of which My Golden Future coaching service or class you select, we are dedicated to shortening the learning curve, creating a strategic & intentional vision, equipping you to take confident action, and helping you anticipate and address curve balls and barriers as you move successfully through your milestones. We intentionally give each prospective client a free 30-minute consult to explore their needs and desired outcomes. To schedule your consult, text or call 484.888.6191 or email


Being the parent of a Junior student is stressful, especially when nothing you, as a parent say, is ever good enough or exactly right. Eva gave my daughter vision, encouragement and focus to help determine exactly what it was she was looking for in a college. In addition to being a listening ear, she guided my daughter in her college exploration and determined which colleges would be most compatible with her personality, student ability and individual goals. Her help was immeasurable and I would recommend her highly. My daughter has been accepted to her first choice college and I credit Eva for having the patience and experience I lacked as a first-time college parent. I can't thank her enough for your guidance.


University of Colorado, Boulder Honor's Program, Class of 2014

start your journey today!

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